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Fidelity Residential Solutions Property Services Division (FRPSD) is a division of Fidelity Residential Solutions (FRS), the nation's leading relocation home sale support service provider. FRPSD offers valuation services to the relocation industry with a focus on technology backed by the experience of an experienced team providing exceptional service.


FRPSD is at the leading edge using technology & automation as the driver of quality and logic-based reviews to assist our customers in obtaining an anticipated sales price. Our latest technology platform, called the Appraisal Processing System (APS), was developed to ensure efficient processes, exceptional technology and peak volume turn times designed to meet your service level agreements. Our customized automated review utilizes our 1,900+ data points of analysis, and is backed by a hands-on quality analysis by our experienced team - ensuring the human touch is still a key component to our service!


Expertise and Service First
As a leading relocation service provider, FRS has built networks of exceptional professionals prepared to meet the standards set by our company and customers. The network of appraisers that FRPSD utilizes is no exception - we set the standard for our vendor network. Service is the key to our Success.


Setting the standard for delivery of Relocation Appraisal Services through revolutionary technology and a robust, thoroughly vetted network of core values.


Our processes are technology-focused and enhanced by human touch, expertise and service first.....just a few of our core values.

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